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Opinion Essay – How to write

Helpful Tips on how to write an opinion essay. Students are often asked to write the opinion essay about different controversial and debatable topics. It is not an easy assignment as you should express your personal opinion and feeling about something properly. Moreover, your opinions should be supported with the certain evidence and logical arguments.

The length of your composition depends on your objective. Following these 5 easy steps below, you’ll become the most professional essay writer.

Pick a topic you feel strongly about

First of all, look for a controversial or debatable topic for your opinion paper. It might be the most difficult part of your writing process as you should find something that really interests you. This type of writing task is based on your personal opinion so it is important to write about the topic you feel strongly and passionately about. School, social and local problems are the perfect topic choices. To complete your paper accurately, you have to read a lot of authentic perspectives to understand better what the debate is. Take some notes on facts and ideas that you may use to sustain the argument and also write down others’ perspectives to include in your paper to provide contrast.

Construct your outline

It is essential to provide a thought-out outline before you start to write your essay. It’ll help you to complete your paper twice as fast.  A perfect opinion essay consists of three main parts: an introductory paragraph, the main body, and a conclusion. Fill your outline with the information you find is the most important for your writing. Your writing process will be much easier with well-structured outline.

Write the introduction paragraph

The first paragraph of your essay should be a hook to engage your audience. You need to introduce your subject and state the thesis clearly. Give an understanding to your potential readers why this topic is so important to you. There are should be several reasons for your opinion. It’s necessary to prove that your thesis statement is definitely true. Here you may use all your creativity to come up with a persuasive hook element of your essay and include some sentences, quotations and direct speech from the book.

Develop your body paragraphs

The main body of your opinion essay should consist of several paragraphs that will present separate viewpoints. You should start each paragraph with a topic sentence. It is your main idea that you support with strong arguments. You may use different methods such as comparison/contrast or cause-and-effect reasoning to back up the main points of your essay. Join the sentences with proper phrases and linking words. Eschew emotional language and don`t add any denunciations. Use phrases like “to sum up”, “in addition”, “first of all”, “secondly” at the beginning of each paragraph. Express your own opinion using “In my opinion”, “I think”, “To my mind”, “I believe”. You may also mention other points of view with phrases like ‘Some people think’ or ‘some people say’ and explain whether you agree or disagree with them.

Write your conclusion

Conclusion is the last paragraph of your argumentative essay. You should summarize all arguments and remind your readers of the importance of your topic. Don’t apologize for your views, this is inappropriate here. You also have to avoid presenting a new idea. It’ll be good for you to conclude with a warning asking provocative questions.

Proofread your text to make sure that your essay is just excellent. Check your paper for all possible grammar, vocabulary, spelling and capitalization errors.